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How To Advertise Lakefront Property makes it easy for anyone, not just professional realtors to sell or rent their lakefront property. In a few simple steps, you will be able to present your lakefront property in a professional manner. Send the link of your newly posted to lakefront property to others to see. Use it as a sales tool to get your waterfront property noticed.

Create a New Lakefront Property Listing
Once you have signed up for a plan with USLakefront, you will be directed to the Property Tab. Under this tab, you will be able to add one or multiple lakefront properties, depending on the type of plan you signed up for. All our plans are subscription based. You can cancel your plan at any time.

Once you sign up, there will be a box that shows up under the"My Properties" tab. In order to create a new property, click to create a "For Sale" or "For Rent" Property.

New Lakefront Property Listing

Your new lakefront property listing has been created. This property is not active and will not be seen by anyone until you have completed the listing and are comfortable publishing it for others to see. This is how a new lakefront property listing starts:

Your New Lakefront Proprty Listing

First, the property is not active. You will always be able to see your ad status throughout the process. There are two actions you can now take. You can edit the newly created ad by clicking "Edit Property." At anytime you can "Delete Property" and start over, but it is usually easier to edit your existing ad. The only time you would truly need to delete an ad is if you wanted to change properties completely or make a Sales Listing into a Rental listing or a Rental Listing into a Sales Listing.

Now, we are ready to enter our listing information for our newly created lakefront property. Select the "Edit Property" button and you will start a very simple 4 step process to a new lakefront property listing.

Step 1: Property Address and Contact Information
Step 1 details will show in the top right area of your listing. This includes the address and basic property details for your lakefront property. Email is the default way a prospective customer can contact you. If you wish to leave your phone number as a contact option, fill in the phone information, otherwise leave it blank. If a realty company is managing the process, enter their information. If your not a realtor and handling this on your own, leave Realty Company blank. Providing your name for contact information is also optional. When the fields have been entered, go to "Step 2".

Step 1: Add Address Information

Note: During the process, its not necessary to do everything at once to post your lakefront property. If you're not ready to post your ad at this moment or you don't have time or the correct information to finish your ad right now; click "Exit and Come Back later" at any time. You can log-in later and finish this on your schedule as the ad is not active.

Step 2: Upload Photos
This is an easy and quick solution to upload your lakefront property photos. Click the first browse button to upload the best digital photo of your property.

Step 2: Upload Photos

Select your best lakefront photo to upload from your computer:

Uploading lakefront property photos

This is all that is required. You can upload more of your lakefront property photos later if needed, but only one is required. The digital photo of your lakefront property is automatically resized for the ad. When ready, go to "Step 3"

Step 3: Property Details
The information for your lakefront property's details tab is completed here. There is an optional description of the property. You can type or paste text in from you text-editor or Word Document, add bullets. Give a good overview of your lakefront property. Then complete the required attributes on the right, necessary for customers to find your property.

Step 3: Property Details

Step 4: Property Features
Completely optional, but more information on your lakefront property is better for you and your potential customers.

Step 4: Property Features

We provide the flexibility to create features with text in one column, two columns or both. Use this page to give a complete picture of the lakefront property and surrounding community. Once complete, you can go back to any step to make changes. But Step 4 allows you to activate the property if your ready to publish. When you click "Save and Activate", your lakefront property will become active.

That's all there is to launching a professional lakefront property listing. See our pricing and join us today.

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